Leonardo DiCaprio is a veritable fashion icon, whether he dresses dapper for gala occasions or he just goes out to walk his dog. Many men want to imitate his style but are afraid that it would cost too much. Fortunately for them, DiCaprio is a man who prefers comfort over style, or at least it seems so. Even when he dresses casually, he somehow manages to look great.


If you want to dress like Leo on his everyday occasions, there are a few easy rules to follow. First, you have to get used to hats. DiCaprio just loves hats. Maybe they help him keep the low profile in public or he just likes his head covered from sun and rain. Whatever the reason, you will often see him sport a golf hat, a baseball hat, a fedora or a newspaper boy’s hat. In short, hats are must-have items for every man who wants to dress like Leo.


Second, DiCaprio likes to keep things simple. When he doesn’t have to dress up, he usually just wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a hoodie. For interviews and more demanding occasions he prefers long-sleeve shirts, usually in light colors such as light blue and grey. DiCaprio also loves V-neck sweaters and leather jackets, the two often combined. Some of the brands that you might make use of include Gap, J. Crew, American Eagle Outfitters, Gravity and such.


But in addition to his personal style, DiCaprio is also known for very stylish roles he played on the silver screen. For example, his critically acclaimed performance in The Aviator, where he played the legendary Hollywood icon Howard Hughes. Now this particular style is not something you would wear every day but in special occasions it is bound to leave a strong impression. For this style, you will absolutely need a V-neck sleeveless knitted top tank, preferably brown. The tank top is best if completed with a natural-colored but slightly toasted aviator leather jacket, and, if you are feeling daring, a pair of jodhpur flyer pants. For shirts, go for bright colors such as pink, peach, blue and turquoise. In the movie we see a lot of striped and diamond checked ties and argyle socks. Other interesting items for this look may include round sunglasses, herringbone tweed and cable knit sweaters. Of course, you don’t have to wear all these at the same time – if you did you’d probably look a bit ridiculous. Just try one of two at the time, combining them with your own style.


And if you fell in love with the Gatsby DiCaprio look, Brooks Brothers has a real treat for you – The Great Gatsby Collection inspired by the men’s fashion in the movie. You can go for really extravagant items such as the three-button burgundy striped blazer, or something more low-key, like brown and white leather loafers.

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